Bookstagram: my favorite apps

Hello, guys!

I have reached 10k followers on bookstagram and I am extremely happy! I wanted to thank you so I’ve decided to show you all the apps I use to edit my photos, my stories and even my feed! 🙂 I consider myself a very curious person! Therefore, since I’ve created my account, I spent several hours looking for ways to improve my content. Here we go!


Instagram Feed:

  • Preview (free version): I use this app since the very beginning and it’s extremely important to me. I never (neeeeever) post anything without using this app first. It allows you to plan your Instagram feed. This means you’ll know if a photo will ruin your aesthetic or not :D. Not only you can load your Instagram posts, but you can also rearrange and edit them (Although I don’t use their filters, they certainly have some interesting ones).


Instagram Stories:

  • Adobe Spark Post (free version): This is a mobile graphic design app. When do I use this app? I use it when I want to post stories with the coolest animated text! With this app, you can resize your photos, include animations and filters and choose your favorite designs, layouts and palettes. When you decide to add animations to your pictures, this app transforms your photo into a video!


  • InShot (free version): This is definitely one of my favorite apps ever! You can create new videos and photos. This is the app I use to add music and backgrounds to my pictures or videos! Besides, I also love their filters. When I don’t use 8mm Vintage Camera, I edit my videos with InShot filters!


  • Unfold (premium version): Basically, I either use InShot or Unfold to create my Instagram Stories. With this app, you can add videos, pictures and text. Their free version offers quite simple layouts. Do you know those stories that look like polaroids? You can do that with the premium version!



  • 8mm Vintage Camera (premium version): I am not sure but I don’t believe this app has a free version. I love it though and it definitely was money well-spent! This app lets you record vintage videos with several different retro looks. You can upload your videos or shoot directly from the app!


  • Vimo (free version): Nowadays, Instagram allows us to include GIFs in our stories which make them more fun to watch. But, before that, Vimo was definitely my solution. I still use this app for specific content, though! With this app, you can edit videos or add animation to your photos, turning them into a motion picture. You’ll be able to resize your picture/video, add motion stickers, text and filters! And, their motion stickers are unbelievably cute!



Instagram Posts:

When I created my bookstagram account, I started thinking: what’s going to be my aesthetic? But it was very easy to answer this question. I’ve never been someone who cared for trends. I have always had my own style and taste. I knew my feed would exude exactly that. It would be me! Having said that, my aesthetic isn’t about having the same background or the same props. Since I am not consistent in terms of set or anything, I always use the same filters to edit my photos.

  • Snapseed (free version): This app is amazing! With this app, you can tune, crop, rotate or brush your image. You have dozens of filters (color/black & white ones). I also love their lens blur and vignette effect. Using this app is my first step. I can’t tell you exactly how I edit my photo because that always depends on the colors and the light of the picture. But what I ALWAYS use is the Grain Film filters.


  • Afterlight (free version): This app is my second step when editing a photo. It offers you a wide selection of filters, textures, light leaks, frames and borders. Once again, what I do with this app depends on the photo I am editing. But I ALWAYS add texture to my pictures because I love having that vintage/retro look.


  • VSCO (free version): Well, VSCO is that app that I rarely use, but I never delete. Sometimes, it can be really precious and even a lifesaver! When do I use it? We all have those photos that are perfectly edited but when we upload them on Preview, a terrible thing happens: it destroys our feed! 😀 I use VSCO to edit these type of photos. I just play around the app, really. I may add shadows or highlights tint to my pictures, for instance! That way, they might get closer to my feed’s dominant colors.



I hope this helped, guys! 🙂






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