Stockholm and Copenhagen: a literary guide

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One of my favorite things to do in the world is traveling. One of my favorite things about traveling is visiting new bookstores and libraries. That is mandatory! I love buying books in foreign countries. It’s a souvenir. And, actually, they tend to be cheaper than in Portugal.

I spent last Christmas in Stockholm and then I flew to Copenhagen for New Year’s Eve. I’ve always wanted to visit the Nordic countries so you can imagine how happy I was to be in Sweden and Denmark during Winter – which, in case you don’t know, it’s my favorite season. You’ll be able to find below a list of bookstores in Stockholm and Copenhagen that sell books in English. There are others but I’ve only included in the list the ones I’ve visited and photographed.

Stockholm became one of my favorite cities in the world and I would love to live there for a few months. It’s simply beautiful. Those days still feel like a dream to me. Swedish people are also very nice, polite and welcoming. And, they have the most amazing book covers.

  • The English Bookshop

You can find this bookstore in Stockholm and Uppsala. Their book collection is fantastic and they also sell bookish mugs and tote bags. I remember that the bookseller was really helpful and nice. That is very important to me when I’m visiting a bookstore. It makes me want to come back.

You can find The English Bookshop on Södermannag. 22
Shop hours:
Mon-Fri 11-18h
Sat 11-16h
Sun 12-16h

Captura de ecrã 2018-10-09, às 13.26.14

  • The NK English Bookstore

Nordiska Kompaniet (or just NK) is a beautiful and elegant department store. On the third floor, they have a nice bookshop with a whole section dedicated to English books. It’s not particularly beautiful but you’ll be able to find a good selection and that’s what we want, after all.

You can find NK on Hamngatan 18-20.
Shop hours:
Monday-Friday 10-20
Saturday 10-18
Sunday 11-17

Captura de ecrã 2018-10-10, às 16.11.57

  • Antikvariat Hundörat

In Antikvariat Hundörat, you’ll be able to find second-hand books in English and Swedish and they’re relatively cheap. Besides, look at this photo! It has this vintage vibe that I just love. This second-hand bookstore is really close to The English Bookshop which means you can visit them on the same day. Visiting this place was a remarkable experience because the owner was extremely nice and welcoming. We ended up discussing our lives, Sweden and Portugal, migration and our countries’ politics.

You can find Antikvariat Hundörat on Östgötagatan 20.

Captura de ecrã 2018-10-10, às 16.19.48

  • Stadsbiblioteket

This is the Stockholm public library and it’s gorgeous. You must visit it. Lucky for me my Air BNB flat was really close to this magical place so I visited it twice.

You can find Stadsbiblioteket on Sveavägen 73.
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10-21h
Saturday 11-17h
Sunday 11-17

Now, off to Copenhagen!! Although I enjoyed the Danish capital, I am afraid this city was overshadowed by the beauty of Stockholm. Don’t get me wrong! I really liked the colorful buildings, the streets, the coffee shops, but it just wasn’t love at first sight. In spite of this, Copenhagen has wonderful bookstores waiting to be visited!

  • The Booktrader

Well, you must visit this bookstore! It’s so iconic!! They sell second-hand books in English (I am sure they sell them in Danish, as well). You’ll be able to find there American paperbacks, ranging from collector’s items to literary classics, modern bestsellers, thrillers, crime fiction, among other genres. The Booktrader was actually visited by William S. Burroughs, in August 1983. Cool, right?

You can find The Booktrader on Skindergade 23.

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  • Paludan Bog & Café

The concept of this place is just amazing! Here you can eat, have a warm beverage, and read a book. You can also BUY BOOKS! So, it’s basically a bookworm haven!! Full of rooms and corridors with huge stacks of books, Paludan Bog & Café must be visited if you love cozy and bookish spots.

You can find Paludan Bog & Café on Fiolstræde 10-12.
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 9-22h
Saturday-Sunday 10-22h

Captura de ecrã 2018-10-12, às 12.14.48

  • Arnold Busck

Arnold Busck is a Danish family-owned company with activities in book distribution and publishing. Since it’s a chain of bookstores, you’ll be able to find several just in Copenhagen. I visited the one on  Købmagergade 49 because it’s considered to be the biggest and most iconic one in the city. It has a great selection of books in English. I remember that I was looking for a few titles that had just been released in the US and they already had it in store. It was pretty incredible!!

Opening hours:
Monday- Thursday: 10-18h
Friday: 10-19h
Saturday: 10-17h
Sunday: 12-16h


Thanks for reading, guys!

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