You have a voice! Use it!

You have a voice! You matter. Share your story.

Sometimes I am told that feminism isn’t really needed anymore because we are equal now. That couldn’t be further from the truth (check these stats). We still very much live in a patriarchal society. Not that we are already equal before the law but true gender equality will only exist when our society truly believes that we deserve to be equal, that we are truly equal. We need to be critical. We need to question where we stand and what can we do to make change happen. If you find yourself having privilege, then you should take a step forward and fight for the day that there isn’t such a thing: that we are simply equal. Because that’s the thing: many people are scared of the F word. But Feminism stands for gender equality. That’s all.

Our society is built in a structure of power which results in inequality. Therefore, there are oppressors and the oppressed; there are those that subjugate and those who are subjugated. Although, in theory, women and men are both envisioned as subjects, the Western thought placed man in the center, channeling exclusively on him the subjectivity. The woman becomes the Other, becomes the object (check this article if you’d like to know more about these notions). Consequently, the feminine is not seen as a subject, but as the man’s antagonist, as a ‘non-man’.

According to the feminists Elizabeth Frazer and Deborah Cameron:

“Although both men and women may be subjects in virtue of their shared humanity, culturally it is men who stand at the centre of the universe. (…) the female, are defined by the culture as Other, objects. Thus subjectivity is at the heart of men’s existence, whereas women’s subject status is constantly being negated. (…) In fact, this theme has always been important in the Western philosophical tradition. ‘Man’ has been seen as a subject engaged in a struggle to master and subdue his object (…) to know and act upon it (upon her, of course, in traditional parlance).”

So, let’s talk about gender inequality and how it affects us. Men and women are welcome to share their experiences of sexism in English or in Portuguese. Be honest! If you want to remain anonymous, you can. I will share your messages, respecting your privacy if that is what you want, on the category Our Stories that will allow us to learn from each other. You can make a difference by just sharing. You have a voice. USE IT! 

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