Book Review: Vagina: A Re-Education by Lynn Enright

Why should you read this book?

Vagina: A Re-Education by Lynn Enright was published last March and it’s an incredible book! I truly recommend it to everyone out there. You know I don’t say these things often but that’s how enlightening this book is!

It is a fact: we know very little about vaginas and female sexuality because we live in a patriarchal society. Women aren’t taught to discover their body, their sexuality, their pleasure, their power. They are taught shame. When we look at the male’s experience, we notice that it’s a different one. That needs to change.

Vagina: A Re-Education sheds light on a number of topics: female anatomy, the hymen and its myths, the clitoris (including issues like FGM), female orgasm and masturbation, periods, women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. It also asks you questions like ‘are you a feminist if you wax your pubic hair’? Lynn Enright uses clear language turning this into a very accessible and interesting read. I’d also like to point out the merits of this research. The writer always supports her arguments and I think that’s crucial. We were in need of this book!

I’d like to thank Atlantic Books for sending a review copy. You can buy the book here.



From earliest childhood, girls are misled about their bodies, encouraged to describe their genitalia with cute and silly names rather than anatomically correct terms. In our schools and in our culture, we are coy about women while putting straight men’s sexuality front and centre. Girls grow up feeling ashamed about their periods, about the appearance of their vulvas, about their own desires. They grow up without a full and honest sex education, and this lack of knowledge has serious consequences: the number of women attending cervical screening appointments in the UK is at a 20-year low while labiaplasty is the fastest growing type of plastic surgery in the world.

Vagina provides girls and women with information they need about their own bodies – about the vagina, the hymen, the clitoris, the orgasm; about conditions like endometriosis and vulvodynia. It confronts taboos, such as abortion, miscarriage, infertility and masturbation. It tackles vital social issues like period poverty, female genital mutilation and the rights of transgender women. It is honest and moving as Lynn Enright shares her personal stories but this is about more than one woman – this is a book that will provoke thousands of conversations. We urgently need to talk about women’s sexual and reproductive health, about our experiences of sex and pregnancy and pain and pleasure. Vagina: A Re-Education will help us do just that.


Book Details:

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Published on: March 2019
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Price: £14,99


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